This is the first case of the game and Nashville

Case BackgroundEdit

The victim was Candace Jackson whon was shot dead in the Roadside.The killer was a student named Ayden Elderson.The reason of murder is not given


  • Candace Jackson

Murder Weapon:Edit

  • Gun


  • Ayden Jackson

Killer's ProfileEdit

  • The killer is right handed
  • The killer is a male
  • The killer wears green clothes


  • Ayden Jackson(Student)
Age 17
Gander Male
Clothes Green

124 lbs

  • The suspect is right handed
  • Tim Shepard(Student)
Age 19
Gander Male
Clothes Blue
Weight 112 lbs
  • The suspect is right handed

Crime ScenesEdit

Roadside House

Roadside Bonus

Chapter 1(Weclome to Nashville)Edit

  • Investigation Roadside{Clues Victim's body,Gun}{Murder Weapon found:
  • Autopsy victim's body{00:00:05}{Attribute:Killer is right handed,the killer wears a cap}
  • Investigate House:{Clues Torn Cloth}
  • Examine Cloth{Clues:Green Shirt}{Attribute the killer wears a green shirt}
  • Arrest Killer{No Stars}
  • Go to additional investigation(2 stars)