This is the fourth case of the game and Nashville

Case BackgroundEdit

The victim was a woman named Susan Gander who was being found beaten to death and burnt her remains.The killer was Morris Leedman a library owner.


Morris did not have enough money in his life so he married Susan.Susan told abou her treasure to Morris which was of 10000$ and it was a mistake according to Morris.So one day he apposed Susan to tell him the location the treausure then Susan threatened to Morris to send him to the police and charge him for the fraud.He could not let her do that so he beat her with Candelabra and burnt her remains.Morris was sentenced to 20 years in jail.


Susan Gander(Beaten to death and burnt her remains)

Murder WeaponEdit

Antique Candelabra


Morris Leadman


Vern Gander(Victim's Brother)(Profile:Man,Right Handed,Smokes,Wears Office Shoes)

William Forest(Property Seller)(Profile:Left Handed,Man,Smokes,Wears a Tie,Wears Office Shoes,Man)

Chris Lamar(Profile:Man,Right Handed,Wears Tie,Wears Office Shoes)

Morris Leedman(Proflie:Man,Right Handed,Wears Tie,Wears Office Shoes,Smokes)

Edna Willows(Woman,Right Handed,Smokes)


The killer is right handed

The killer wears office shoes

The killer is a man

The killer is smoker

The killer wears a tie

Chapter 1(Beat and Burn)Edit

Investigate House(Clues:Victim's Body,Letter,Shoeprint)(New Suspect:Vern Gander)

Talk to Vern about Susan

Autopsy the victim's body(18:00:00)(Attribute:The killer is Right Handed)

Analyze Shoeprint(3:00:00)(Attribute the killer wears office shoes)

Examine Torn Letter(Clues:Letter)(New Suspect:William Forrest)

Talk to William about the deals with Susan(New suspect:Chris Lamar)

Talk to Chris Lamar

Investigate Lama's antiques(Clues:Cellphone)

Examine Cellphone(Clue:Unlocked Phone)

Examine phone(00;30:00)

Go to Chapter 2(2 Stars)

Chapter 2(Ceramics)Edit

Investigate Fireplace(Clues:Ceramic Tiles)

Examine Tiles(Clues:Fingerprints)

Analyze Fingerprints(6;00:00)

Talk to Chris Lamar about why he is stealing the things from Susan and selling them

Investigate Candle Closet(Clues:Candledebra)

Examine Candledebra(Clues:Blood Residues)

Analyze Blood Residues(6:00:00)(Attribute:The killer is a man)(Murder Weapon found:Candledebra)

Investigate Library Reading Room(Clues:Cigarrates)

Analyze Cigarattes(0:30:00)(Attribute the killer smokes)

Talk to Morris Leedman about Susan

Talk to Edna Wilows

Go to Chapter 3(2 Stars)

Chapter 3(The Camera)Edit

Investigate Bookshelf(Clues:Broken Camera)

Examine Camera(Clues:CCTV Footage)

Analyze CCTV Footage(6:00:00)(Atrribute the killer wears a tie)

Arrest Killer

Go to Additional Investigation(1 star)

Additional InvestigationEdit

Get Vern's help to find the victim's Treasure                                                                                     

Investigate House(Clues: Closet)

Examine Closet(Clues:Ignited Bills)

Anayze Ignited Bills(3:00:00)

Return the Treausure to Vern(Reward:Burger)

Edna needs your help

Investigate Library(Clues:Golden Book)

Analyze Book(6:00:00)

Give the book to Edna(Reward:Black Suit)

Check up on Chris

Investigate Lamar's Antiques(Clues:Box)

Examine Box(Clues:Broken Toy)

Examine Toy(Clues:Toy Train)

Give the train back to Chris(50XP)

Investigate Next Case(1 star)