ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!THIS IS THE RULES PAGE!Without reading this no page making.And if a user disrespects,this is blocking.


MN(Minor Rule)

MJ(Major Rule)

TOU(Terms of Use)

The Rules and Policies:Edit

  • Do not try to misbehave,use vulgur words and overeact.(TOU)
  • The Users should not make maiden pages.(MJ)
  • Do not scream.(TOU)
  • Do not try to rename others pages or edit them!(MN)
  • DO NOT try to disrespect the users.(TOU)
  • Do not try to plagiarise other's ideas.(MN)
  • Avoid trolling(MN)
  • Show you best behaviuour.(TOU)
  • If you will threat others this will make you be globally blocked.(TOU)
  • Do not steal pictures from the other wikis(MJ)
  • No harassment(TOU)
  • No flirting and official pictures from(MJ)
  • No re-uploading pictures!(MJ)
  • No pages from the categories from the Pages to Make site
  • The Wiki has a NO OTHER PAGE EDITING policy!It means that only spelling mistakes can be corrected but no page changing.


Not obeying a single rule is dangerous!Check this one out:

1 Rule(1 Week)

2 Rules(2 Weeks)

3 Rules(1 Year)

4 Rules(2 Years)

5 Rules(Infinty)