This is the first case of the city Nashville

Case BackgroundEdit

The victim was a poet Nathan Shephard who was found dead in the roadside with his back stabbed with 12 wounds.The killer was a poet named Kenneth Blacksmith.

Kenneth killed Nathan because he was getting on a higher position and he wanted to be more rich,so he killed him with a knife.Kenneth when was interrogated he lied that Nathan always gave him alot of salary.Kenneth was sentenced to life in jail with a chance of parole of 10 years.,but he lied and blamed Peter Quinns.


Nathan Shephard(Found dead in the roadside with many wounds in his back)

Murder WeaponEdit



Kenneth Blacksmith


The killer is double handed

The killer wears purple clothes

The killer is a black skinned

The killer's blood type is B+

The killer speaks Spanish

Crime ScenesEdit


Car Door

Poet Land


Study Room

Study Table

Victim's House



Keneth Blacksmith(Poet:Double Handed,Man,Blood Type B+,Speaks Spanish,Blacked Skinned,wears purple clothes)

Peter Quinns(Victim's rival:Man,Double Handed,Blood B+,Black Skinned,Wears Black Clothes,Speaks Spanish)

Vern Gander(Hardware Owner:Right Handed,Blood B+,Black Skinned,Wears Purple Clothes)

Daniel Lane(Grims Logde President:Doube Handed,Blood AB+,Black Skinned,Wears Purple Clothes,Speaks Spanish)

Tim Shephard(Victim's Son:Double Handed,Blood B+,Speaks Spanish,Wears Purple Clothes,Caucasian)

Chapter 1(Poetry Blood)Edit

Investigate Roadside(Clues:Victim's Body,Torn Note,Torn ID)

Autopsy The Victim's Body(18:00:00)(Attribute the killer is Double Handed and Wears Purple Clothes)

Examine Torn ID(Victim's name found:Nathan Deshine)

Talk to Keneth Blacksmith

Examine Note(Clues:Adress)

Analyze Adress(New Crime Scene{Poet Land}

Investigate Poet Land(Clues:Phone)

Examine Phone(Clues:Open Phone)

Analyze Open Phone(3:00:00)(New Suspect(Tim Shephard)

Talk to the victim's son

Go to Chapter 2(2 Stars)

Chapter 2(Letter)Edit

Examine Torn Letter(Clues:Letter)

Analyze Letter(6:00:00)(New Suspect:Vern Gander)

Talk to Vern

Talk to Daniel(New Crime Scene:Grims Lodge)

Investigate Grims Lodge(Clues:Knife)

Analayze Knife(3:00:00)(Murder Weapon Found:Knife)(Attribute:The killer is black skinned)

Talk to Tim about his knife(New Scene:Car Door)

Investigate Car Door(Clues:Note)

Examine Note(Clues:Threat Note)

Talk to Vern about his letter(New Scenes(Table,House)

Investigate Interior(No Clues)

Investigate House(Clues:Torn Poem)

Examine Torn Poem(Clues:Poem)

Go to Chapter 3(2 Stars)

Chapter 3(Camera)Edit

Investigate Lodge Office(Clues:Camera)

Analyze Camera(6:00:00) Attribute(The killer is a man)

Arrest Killer

Go to Additional Investigation(1 Star)

Additional InvestigationEdit

Check up on Vern

Investigate Poet Land(Clues:Book)

Analyze Book(3:00:00)

Give the book to Vern(Reward:Burger)

Daniel needs your help

Investigate Grims Lodge(Clues:Bloody Staue)

Examine Bloody Statue(Clues:Blood Residues)

Analyze Blood Residues(6:00:00)

Inform Daniel about the statue(Reward:50 XP)

Check up on Tim

Investigate Roadside(Clues:Broken Medal)

Examine Broken Meda;(Clues:Medal)

Give the medal back to Tim(Reward:Cap)

Investigate Next Case(1 Star)