This is the tenth case of the city Nashville  and the third case of the Historical Center:

Case BackgroundEdit

When Jessica came she was going with the player and the team to jog and do a picnic as a promotion celebration.When Jessica sat,Candy saw a skeleton. The victim was a man named Ann Bankers who was found buried without his skin.The killer was a girl named Stella Bays.

The team took a year to find te missing man.Ann was an actor and he never appreciated Stella.So she killed hm.She buried him in the park and after six days Ann died because of hunger,thirst and no air.After a year his skin was eaten by worms.

At court,Honorable Gerald gave Stella 50 years in jail with no chance of parole.


Ann Bankers(Found buried under the ground of the local park)

Murder WeaponEdit



Stella Bays


The killer eats Chocolate

The killer is a woman

The killer wears high heels

The killer is an employee of the theatre

The killer plays a guitar


Selena Bankers(Ann's Wife:Woman,Eats Chocolate wears high heals and is an employyee of the theatre)

Anne Vallez(Shop Owner:Profile:Plays Guitar and eats chocolate)

Stella Bays(Assistant,Profile:Everything)

Sally Brisbane(Dancer,Profile:Eats Chocolate,Woman,Plays Guitar and is an employee of the theatre)

Tracey Henderson(BankerProfile:Woman,Eats Chocolate)

Crime ScenesEdit


The Hole

Victim's Bedroom

Victim's Bed





Chapter 1(The Corpsed Picnic)Edit

Investigate Park(Clues:Skeleton,Skull,Torn Photo)

Examine Skull(Clues:Ann's profile)

Analyze Skeleton(18:00:00)(Attribute:The killer eats chocolate)

Examine Torn Photo(Clues:Couple Photo)

Talk to Selena about her victim's death(New Scene:Vicitm's Bedroom)

Investigate Victim's Bedroom(Clues:Trash Can)

Examine Trash Can(Clues:Torn Page)

Examine Torn Page(Clues:Script)

Examine Script(Clues:Note)

Go to Chapter 2(1 star)

Chapter 2(The Theatre)Edit

Talk to Anne about the victim(New Suspcet:Stella Bays)

Talk to Stella about the victim(New Scenes:Theatre and The Hole)

Investigate Theatre(Clues:Torn Article)

Examine Torn Article(Clues:Article)(New Suspect:Sally Harry Shiek)

Talk to Sally Harry about why the victim fired him

Investigate Hole(Clues:Saliva and Shoeprint)

Analyze Saliva(6:00:00)(Attribute:The killer is a woman)

Examine Shoeprint(Attribute:The killer wears high heels)(New Scenes:Bank and Victim's Bed)

Investigate Bank(Clues:Torn Cheque Book)

Examine Torn Cheque Book(Clues:Cheque)(New Suspect:Tracey Henderson)

Talk to Tracey

Investigate Victim's Bed(Clues:Phone)

Analyze Phone(6:00:00)

Chapter 3(Stage and the Money)Edit

Investigate Stage(Clues:ID)

Examine ID(Attribute:The killer is a member of the theatre)

Investigate ATM(Clues:Broken Object)

Examine Broken Object(Clues:Guitar)

Analyze Guitar(6:00:00)(Attribute:The killer plays Guitar)

Arrest Killer

Go to Additonal Investigation(1 Star)

Additional InvestigationEdit

Tracey need your help

Investigate Bank(Clues:Money)

Examine Money(Clues:Fingerprints)

Analyze Fingerprints(6:00:00)

Tell Tracey you arrested Sally Harry(Reward:100XP)

Check up on Selena

Investigate The Hole(Clues:Bag)

Examine Bag(Clues:Photos)

Give the bag to Selena(Reward:Burger)

Check up on Anne

Investigate Theatre(Clues:Powder Bag)

Analyze Powder Bag(10:00:00)

Tell Anne it's safe from drug(Reward:Stripped Jacket)

Investigate Next Case(3 Stars)