This is the third case in the Tennesee Maples.

Case BackgroundEdit

The victim was Gerald Morgan,a fired employee on the Maple Hill.The killer was the victim's wife,Sally Morgan.

Sally killed her husband because he cheated on her.One day she saw her having an affair with Melenie Young,a coffee shop owner,but since she and Sally did not get along she decided to bring him closer to her.She went to the Maple mountain and tried to bring back him job and then the victim mocked and rejected her.Sally got mad and killed him by placing a treebore on his back and burning him.

At court,Sally got 20 year prisonment.


  • Gerald Young(Found stabbed in his back with a treebore)

Murder WeaponEdit

  • Treebore


  • Sally Morgan

Killer's Profile:Edit

  • The killer wears a sweater
  • The killer drinks coffee
  • The killer is a female
  • The killer has blue eyes
  • The killer has black hair


  • Sally Morgan(Victim's Wife)
Age 43
Eyes Blue
Gander Female
Hair Black
  • The suspect wears a sweater
  • The suspect drinks coffee
  • Melanie Young(Coffee Shop Owner)
Age 21
Eyes Blue
Gander Female
Hair Brown
  • The suspect drinks coffee
  • Joanne Marshall(NGF Manager)
Age 35
Eyes Green
Gander Female
Hair Black
  • The suspect wears sweater
  • Emille P. Anakill(Beauty Parlour Owner)
Age 65
Eyes Blue
Gander Female
Hair Black
  • Andy Lou Fing(Restraunt Owner)
Age 59
Eyes Blue
Gander Male
Hair Black
  • The suspect wears sweater
  • The suspect drinks coffee

Crime ScenesEdit

Maple Hill Shelves Maple Hill Bonus
Melanie's Coffee Store Lost and Found Box Melanie's Coffee Store Bonus
NFG Joan's Office NFG Bonus
Chinese Restaraunt Tables  Chinese Restraunt Bonus

Chapter 1(Back Mapled)Edit

  • Investigate Maple Hill(Clues:Victim's Body,Wallet,TreeBore)(Murder Weapon Found:Treebore)
  • Autopsy the Victim's Body(18:00:00)(Attribute:The killer wears a sweater)
  • Examine Wallet(Clues:Card)(New Suspect:Sally Morgan)
  • Talk to Sally(New Suspect:Melanie Young)
  • Talk to Melanie(New Scene:Melanie's Coffee Shop)
  • Investigate Melanie's Coffee Shop(Clues:Coffee)
  • Examine Coffee(Clues:Lip Prints)
  • Analyze Lip Prints(00:30:00)(Attribute:The killer drinks coffee)
  • Go to Chapter 2(No Stars)

Chapter 2(The Dye)Edit

  • Investigate NFG(Clues:Broken Test Tubes,Torn Notepad)
  • Examine Broken Test Tubes(Clues:Dye)
  • Analyze Dye(9:00:00)(Attribute:The killer is a female)
  • Examine Torn Notepad(Clues:Note)(New Suspect:Joan Marshall)
  • Talk to Joan(New Scene:Chinese Restraunt)
  • Investigate Chinese Restraunt(Clues:Torn Card)
  • Examine Torn Card(New Suspect:Andy Lou Fing)
  • Talk to the manager about the fight(New Scene:Lost and Found Box)
  • Investigate Lost and Found Box(Clues:Gerald's Sweater)
  • Analyze Gerald's Sweater(6:00:00)(New Scene:Joan's Office)
  • Investigate Joan's Office(Clues:Torn Picture)
  • Examine Torn Picture(Clues:Picture)
  • Talk to Joan why she wanted to kill the victim
  • Go to Chapter 3(No Stars)

Chapter 3(Joan or someone)Edit

  • Ask Emille the killer(New Scenes:Tables and Shelves)
  • Investigate Tables(Clues:Bloody Wood)
  • Examine Bloody Wood(Clues:Skin Cells)
  • Analyze Skin Cells(12:00:00)(Attribute:The killer has blue eyes)
  • Investigate Shelves(Clues:Broken Camera)
  • Examine Broken Camera(Clues:CCTV Footage)
  • Analyze CCTV Footage(12:00:00)(Attribute:The killer has black hair)
  • Arrest Killler
  • Go to Addtional Investigation(No Stars)

Addtional InvestigationEdit

  • Check up on Melanie
  • Investigate Melanie's Coffee Store(Clues:Keys)
  • Give the keys to Melanie
  • Investigate Melanie's Coffee Store(Clues:Cash Registar)
  • Give the registar to Melanie(Reward:Burger)
  • Ask Joan about her problem
  • Investigate NFG(Clues:Syrup Bottle)
  • Examine Syrup Bottle(Clues:Red Substance)
  • Analyze Red Substance(3:00:00)
  • Take a fine from Joan(Reward:18,000 coins)
  • Emille needs your help
  • Investigate Chinese Restraunt(Clues:Bloody Hairbrush)
  • Examine Bloody hairbrush(Clues:Blood)
  • Analyze Blood(3:00:00)
  • Give the brush to Emille(Reward:Long Hair(Female)Fashion Hairstyle(Male)Beauty Dress(Female)Black Suit(Male)
  • Investigate Next Case (No Stars)