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Chapter 1Edit

Chief: Hello <Name>! I am glad to see you. I'm Chief Raginford, and I run the Metropolis PD. We are so happy to have you here, we need cops to keep Metropolis as safe as we possibly can!

Chief: Let me first introduce you to your partner. 

Luke: Hello Chief, is everything alright? Ah, you must be the new detective. My name's Luke Buckler, but you can call me Luke. I'm so happy I have a new partner, I'm sure we'll make a great team!

Chief: Luke, why not stroll with <Name> around the Metropolis Hotel? It's an attracative spot you'll find there,you can discover this city's wonder!

Luke: Alright Chief. Okay <Name>, Let's stroll!

At the Metropolis Hotel...

Luke: Ah, <Name>, isn't the hotel beautiful? The hall almost looks like a grand ballroom! 

Edgar: Officer, Officer! I saw an anonymous person enter to one of the hotel windows! There's something fishy going here!

Luke: Okay, calm down. Me and <Name> will find out what's going on. What do ya' say, <Name>? How 'bout we team up for the first time?

Investigate Bathroom.

Luke: Oh no, it's a corpse you found in the bathroom! Good thing a witness reported it to us. Let's start by autopsying the body to the lab. 

Luke: And you also think that cellphone might reveal some clue? I'm up with you <Name>. Darn, it's locked. Finally, I can see your skills. Ready to unlock this cellphone <Name>? 

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