This is the ninth case of the game and the frst case of Historical Centre

Case BckgroundEdit

Jessica went to meet her friend Emma McGill at the restraunt then Jane Drury came she was looking worried.She invited them to enter the theater.

The victim was Jane Drury and actress at Nashville theater who was found hanging on th noose.The killer was Justina Watersford,an actress.

Jane was affairing her husband,Nigel Watersford so she lost her property and she broke up in the theater,stangeld her and hung her till her death.To bring Justina,Emma fooled her that she wants to meet her at the theatre.When Jessica was arresting Justina,she showed a knife to the team.At court she was sentenced to 30 years at jail.


Jane Drury(Found Hanging up in the theatre)

Murder WeaponEdit



Justina Watersford


The killer is an actor

The killer is right handed

The killer has green eyes

The killer has a cat

The killer's name starts with "J" and Surname"W


James Winslow(Theatre Manager:Actor,Right Handed,Has a Cat and J,W)

Nigel Watersford(Office Worker:Has Green Eyes and has a cat)

Wallez Jester(Bartender:Has Green Eyes,Names:J and W and is right handed)

Giles Bajpai(Photographer:Profile:Has Green Eyes)

Justina Watersford(Nigel's wife,Everything)

Crime Scenes:Edit

Dressing Room

Dressing Table



Jester's Pub

Bar Shelf

Bajpai Photography


Chapter 1(Janes' Dead)Edit

Investigate Dressing Room(Clues:Victim's Body,Torn Card)(Murder Weapon Found:Noose,Attribute the killer is an actor)

Autopsy Victim's Body(18:00:00:)(Attribute:The killer is right handed)

Examine Photo(Clues:Photo)(New Suspect:James Winslow)

Talk to James

Analyze Card(00:30:00)(New Suspect:Nigel Watersford)

Talk to Nigel about his office(New Scene:Office)

Investigate Office(Clues:Locked Box)

Examine Locked Box(Clues:Box)

Examine Box(Clues:Jewel)

Analyze Jewel(6:00:00)

Go to Chapter 2(1 Star)

Chapter 2(The Man Giles)Edit

Talk to Wallez about what he saw(New Scene:Jester's Pub)

Investigate Jester's Pub(Clues:Pile of Cards)

Examine Pile of Cards(Clues:Card)

Talk to Giles(New Scene:Bajpai Photography)

Investigate Bajpai Photography(Clues:Attache Case)

Examine Attache Case(Clues:Wallet)

Examine Wallet(Clues:Threat Letter)

Talk to James about his threats towards Jane(New Scenes:Dressing Table and Closet)

Investigate Dressing Table(Clues:Faded Page)

Examine Faded Page(New Suspect:Justina Watersford)

Talk to Justina about why she came to the theatre

Investigate Closet(Clues:Locked Safe)

Examine Locked Safe(Clues:Money)

Analyze Money(3:00:00)

Go to Chapter 3(1 Star)

Chapter 3(The Secret Affair)Edit

Investigate Bar Shelf(Clues:Torn Picture)

Examine Torn Photo(Clues:Affair Photo)

Examine Affair Photo(Clues:Hair)

Analyze Hair(3:00:00)(Attribute:The killer has a cat)

Investigate Drawer(Clues:Torn Handkerchief)

Examine Torn Handkerchief(Clues:Handkerchief)

Analyze Handkerchief(00:30:00)(Attribute:The killer's name is with J and W)

Arrest Killer

Go to Additional Investigation(1 Star)

Additional InvestigationEdit

Check up on