This is the sixth case of the city Nashville

Case BackgroundEdit

The victim was a boy named Jake Jester who was found slashed on his throat at his room.The killer was Jay's mother named Emily Jester

Emily didn't like the way Jake stayed in the home due to his misbehavior at his family.One Day she gave Jay some oysters and he spitted and threw it away.He was shouting at his mother.Emily couldn't bear it so she slashed his throat with an Oyster Knife 3 time..

Emily was brought to the court and sentenced to life in jail.When she was sentenced she gave dirty abuses to the people and judge.


Jake Jester(Found with his throat slashed at his room with 3 slashes)


Oyster Knife


Emily Jester


The killer eats oysters

The killer uses calamine lotion

The killer wears purple clothes

The killer is a black skinned

The killer is the victim's family memeber


Emily Jester(Victim's mother:Eats oysters,uses calamine lotion,victim's family member,wears purple clothes and black skinned)

Thomas Jester(Vitim's Father:Eats Oysters,Black Skinned,Victim's Family Member,Wears Purple clothes)

Helene Jester(Victim's elder sister:Eats Oysters,Wears Purple clothes,Uses Calamine Lotion,Black Skinned

Christina Jester(Victim's Elder Sister:Eats Oysters,Victim's Family Member,Uses Calamine Lotion,Black skinned)

Maddy Lane(Victim's neighbor:Uses Calamine Lotion,Wears purple clothes)


Victim's room

Bloody Bed


Cooking Stand

Christiana's Room




Chapter 1(Slashed to sleep)Edit

Investigate Victim's Room(Clues:Victim's Body,Mobile,Torn Photo)

Autopsy Victim's body(Attribute the killer eats oyster)

Examine Torn Photo(Suspect:Emily Jester)(Clues:Photos)

Examine Photo(Clues:Substance)

Analyze Substance(6:00:00)(Attribute the killer uses Calamine Lotion)

Talk to Emily about her son's death(New suspect:Thomas Jester)

Talk to Thomas about his son's death

Go to chapter 2(2 stars)

Chapter 2(The Kitchen)Edit

Investigate Kitchen(Clues:Oyster Knife)

Analyze Oyester Knife(6:00:00)(Murder Weapon found:Oyster Knife:Attribute the killer wears purple clothes)(New Scene:Bloody Bed)

Investigate Bloody Bed(Clues:Phone)

Examine Phone(Clues:Unlocked Phone)

Analyze Unlocked Phone(3:00:00)(New Suspects:Christina Jester,Helene Jester and Maddy Lane)

Talk to Christina Jester(New Scene:Christina's room:Bed)

Investigate Christina's room(Clues:Torn Card)

Examine Torn Card(New Suspect:Maddy Lane)

Talk to Maddy

Investigate Bathroom(Clues:Photo)

Analyze Photo(3:00:00)

Investigate Cooking Stand(Clues:Bloody Apron)

Examine Bloody Apron(Clues:Blood)

Analyze Blood(6:00:00)(Attribute:The Killer is black Skinned)

Go to Chapter 3(3 Stars)

Chapter 3(Hair on the Tub)Edit

Investigate Bed(Clues:Hair)

Analyze Hair(6:00:00)

Investigate Bathtub(Clues:Page)

Examine Page(Clues:Purple Fibres)

Analyze Purple Fibres(6:00:00)(Attribute;The killer wears purple clothes)

Arrest Killer

Go to Additional Investigation(2 Stars)

Additional InvestigationEdit

Check up on Thomas

Investigate Victim's Room(Clues:Laundry Basket Baket)

Examine Basket(Clues:Torn Photo)

Give the Photo back to Thomas(Reward:Burger)

Kristinia needs your help

Investigate Bathtub(Clues:Smashed Medal)

Examine Smashed Medal(Clues Faded Medal)

Examine Faded Medal(Clues:Birthdate)

Give the medal back to Kristiana(Reward:50XP)

Maddy wants to talk

Investigate Helen's room(Clues:Food Basket)

Examine Food Basket(Clues:Bag of powder)

Analyze Bag of Powder(6:00:00)

Warn Maddy about the Heroin(Reward:Hat)

Investigate Next Case(3 Stars)