This is the second case of  Nashville

The victim was a crook named Charles Auckland who was being found his foot severed.The killer was the victim's cook named Crystal Shannon.

Crystal killed Charles because he paid him salary after every 3 months and she loses patience and she only got 30$ a day and one she was buying drugs.After killing Charles Crystal washed the cleaver. Crystal was being sentenced to life in jail.


Charles Auckland{Found his foot cut off and he was murdered}

Murder WeaponEdit



Crystal Shannon


Batter Serbs{Restaurant Owner} Profile:He eats Candy,Cooks,Smoker,5.6 Feet tall

Ted James{Pharmacist}:He smokes,Wears bow tie,6.5 feet tall,Owns a cat

Crystal Shannon{Victim's cook}:Smokes,Wears Bow Tie,5.6 Feet tall,Eats Candy,Owns a cat

Winny East{Victim's neighbor}Wears Bow Tie,5.6 Feet Tall,Eats Candy,Owns a cat

Bulldog{Drug Dealer}Smokes,Eats Candy,6.4 Feet Tall


The killer eats candy

The killer smokes

The killer is a cat owner

The killer wears a bow tie

The killer is 5.6 feet tall

Steps{Chapter 1}(The Severed Foot of a crook)Edit

Investigate Abandoned Garden{Clues Victim's body,Severed Foot,Torn Card}

Autopsy the Victim's Body{18:00:00}{Attribute killer eats Candy}

Examine Foot

Examine Torn Card{New Suspect:Batter Serbs}

Talk to Batter Serbs about Charles

Investigate Serbs Restaurant{Clues:Cigarette}

Analyze Cigarette:{6:00:00}{Attribute:The Killer Smokes}

Investigate Kitchen{Clues:Cleaver,,Number}

Analyze Cleaver{3:00:00}{Murder Wepon found:Cleaver}{Attribute the killer is a cat owner}

Analyze Number{New Suspect:Crystal Shannon}

Talk to Crystal

Go to to Chapter 2{1 Star}

Chapter 2(Druging and the killer)Edit

Examine Drug Bag{Clues:Bar Code}

Talk to Bulldog for his escape

Investigate Backstreet{Clues:Magazine}

Examine Magazine{New Suspects:Winny East,Ted James}

Talk to Yan about the article

Talk to Winny about the magazine

Investigate Garbage Bin{Clues:Broken Item}

Examine Broken Item{Clues:Phone}

Examine Locked Phone{Clues:unlocked phone}

Analyze phone{2:00:00}{Attribute the killer wears a bowtie,the killer is 5.6 metres tall}

Arrest killer

Go to Additional Investigation{1 star}

Additional InvestigationEdit

Winny neads your help

Investigate Garden{Clues:Passport}

Analyze Passport{3:00:00}

Give the passport back to Winny{Reward 50 XP}

Check up on Batter Sherbs

Investigate Backstreet{Clues:Safe}

Examine Locked Safe{Clues:Unlocked Safe}

Analyze Money{00:30:00}

Give the money back to Batter{Reward:Burger}

Investigate Next Case{2 Stars}