This is the fourth case of the Tenessee Maples.

Case Background:Edit

The victim was La'Suarzia P. Anakill a golfer who was found gruesomely burned to a crisp in the Green Golf Course.The killer was Mark P. Anakill,the victim's father and a proffessional golfer.

The victim's father and La'Suarzia did not get along.They always have alots of high and hard quarrels and then the residences gather and watch the fight.One day Mark decided to challenge her daughter in golf and then Rose won easily.Mark coul'd not bear it,so he picked him gold club and beat her,however she was alive and the he bought the gasoline and burned her to death

At court,Mark was sentenced to life in jail with a 10 year parole for the murder of his own daughter and for the family destruction.


  • La'Suarzia P. Anakill(Found burnt in the golf course)

Murder WeaponEdit

  • Gasoline


  • Mark P. Anakill

Killer's ProfileEdit

  • The killer uses polisher
  • The killer plays golf
  • The killer has burn marks
  • The killer wears a scarf
  • The killer has black hair

Crime Scenes:Edit

Golf Course Caddy Golf Course Bonus
Beauty Parlour Chairs Beauty Parlour Bonus
Mark's Office Meeting Tables Mark's Office Bonus
Illeana's Flight Plane Washroom Illeana's Flight Bonus


  • Freddison P. Anakill(La'Suarzia's brother)
Age 24
Weight 72 lbs
Hair Brown
Gander Male
  • The suspect wears a scarf
  • The suspect plays golf
  • The suspect uses polisher
  • Mark P. Anakill(Victim's Father)
Age 74
Weight 243 lbs
Hair Black
Gander Male
  • The suspect wears scarf
  • The suspect uses polisher
  • The suspect plays golf
  • The suspect has burn marks
  • Emille P. Anakill(La'Suarzia's Mother)
Age 61
Weight 220 lbs
Hair Black
Gander Female
  • The suspect has burn marks
  • The suspect plays golf
  • Illeana Gill(Air Hostess)
Age 32
Weight 120 lbs
Hair Black
Gander Female
  • The suspecct wears scarf
  • Emanuel Graceburg(Victim's Lover)
Age 32
Hair Black
Gander Male
Weight 110 lbs

Chapter 1(A Fiery Win)Edit

  • Investigate Golf Course(Clues:Victim's Body,Golf Club,Victim's ID,Gasoline)(Murder Weapon Found:Gasoline)
  • Autopsy the Victim's body(18:00:00)(Attribute:The killer uses polisher)
  • Examine Golf Club(Clues:Head Marks)
  • Analyze Head Marks(12:00:00)(Attribute:The killer plays golf)(New Suspect:Freddison P. Anakill)
  • Give the news to Freddison(New Suspect:Mark P. Anakill)
  • Make the victim's father a suspect(New Scene:Beauty Parlour)
  • Investigate Beauty Parlour(Clues:Broken Thing)
  • Examine Broken Thing(Clues:Family Locket)(New Suspect:Emille P.Anakill)
  • Talk to Emille about her daughter's death
  • Go to Chapter 2(1 Star)

Chapter 2(Family Un_United):Edit

  • Investigate Mark's Office(Clues:Torn Ticket)
  • Examine Torn Ticket(Clues:Ticket)(New Suspect:Illeana Gill)
  • Talk to Illeana about her and La'Suarzia's fight(New Scene:Illeana's Flight)
  • Investigate Illeana's flight(Clues:Shampoo Bottle,Picture)
  • Examine Shampoo Bottle(Clues:Molecules)
  • Analyze Molecules(15:00:00)(Attribute:The killer has burn marks)
  • Examine Picture(Clues:Note)(New Suspect:Emanuel Graceburg)
  • Talk to Emanuel about his relationship with the victim(New Scene:Chairs)
  • Investigate Chairs(Clues:Briefcase)
  • Examine Briefcase(Clues:Leaflet)
  • Analyze Leaflet(3:00:00)(New Scene:Caddy)
  • Investigate Caddy(Clues:Golf Club)
  • Examine Golf Club(Clues:Fingerprints)
  • Examine Fingerprints(Clues:Freddison's fingerprints)
  • Go to Chapter 3(No Stars)

Chapter 3(Fighting for Game)Edit

  • Investigate Meeting Table(Clues:Torn Page)
  • Examine Torn Page(Clues:Letter)
  • Talk to Mark about the letter(New Scene:Plane Washroom)
  • Investigate Plane Washroom(Clues:Shampoo Bottle)
  • Examine Shampoo Bottle(Clues:Hair and Fibres)
  • Analyze Hair and Fibres(12:00:00:)(Attribute:The killer wears a scarf,The killer has black hair)
  • Arrest Killer
  • Go to Additional Investigation(No Stars)

Additional Investigation:Edit

  • Check up on Emille
  • Investigate Beauty Parlour(Clues:Broken TV)
  • Examine Broken TV(Clues:TV)
  • Give the TV back to Emille(Reward:Burger)
  • Freddison is in trouble
  • Investigate Golf Course(Clues:Broken Club)
  • Examine Broken Club(Clues:Club)
  • Give the club to Freddison(Reward:Golf Hat,Polo Tee)
  • Illeana needs some help
  • Investigate Illeana's Flight(Clues:Suitcase)
  • Examine Suitcase(Clues:Powder)
  • Analyze Powder(3:00:00)
  • Tell Illeana the drug is gone(Reward:20,000 Coins)
  • Investigate Next Case(No Stars)