This is the seventh case of Nashville and the seventh case of Industrial Area

Case BackgroundEdit

The victim was a girl named Miley Bankers who was found dead with her chest and face corroded with sulpuric acid.The killer was Laura Thibedeua the victim's old classmate.

Lauda killed Miley because Miley got her in the selling of heroin and ecstasy.Before Miley could reveal her crime she killed her by adding acid at her chest.This case's witness is Mary Grimmes who got the burn marks too when she was catching Laura.

At court,Honorable Gerald gave her life in jail with no chance of parole.


Miley Sagger(Found her chest and face corroded with sulphuric acid)

Murder WeaponEdit

Sulphuric Acid


Lauda Thibeduea


The killer has burn marks

The killer is a woman

The killer drinks diet cola

The killer is a black skinned

The killer wears jewellery


Mary Grimms(Witness:Profile:Woman,Black Skinned,Wears Jewellery,Has Burn Marks)

Bertha Bankers(Victim's Mother Profile:Drinks Diet Cola,Wears Jewellery, and Woman,Black skinned)

Rick Thiboduea(New Age Electronics Owner Profile:Man,Has Burn Marks,black skinned Drinks Diet Cola)

Perley Cotter(Sensible Accountings Owner,Profile:Nothing)

Laura Thibudeo(Rick's Daughter Profile:Everything)

Crime ScenesEdit

Railway Station

Waiting Area

New Age Electronics

Tools Stand

Miley's House


Sensible Accounting


Chapter 1(Burned)Edit

Investigate Railway Station(Clues:Victim's Body,Victim's Jacket)

Autopsy Victim's Body(18:00:00)(Murder Weapon Found:Sulphuric Acid,Attribute:The killer has burn marks)

Examine Victim's Jacket(Clues:Money)

Analyze Money(00:30:00)

Talk to Mary about what happened(Attribute:The killer is a woman,New Suspect:Rick Thibedeau)

Talk to Rick about Miley(New Scene:New Age Electronics)

Investigate New Age Electronics(Clues:Tool Box)

Examine Tool Box(Clues:Green Sweater)

Analyze Green Sweater(6:00:00)(New Suspect:Bertha Sagger)

Talk to Bertha about her daughter's murder

Go To Chapter 2(2 Stars)

Chapter 2(Drugs,Drugs,Drugs)Edit

Investigate Victim's House(Clues:Torn Photo)

Examine Torn Photo(Clues:Photo)

Analyze Photo(6:00:00)(New Suspect:Perley Cotter)

Talk to Perley about why he fired Miley(New Scene:Sensible Accountings)

Investigate Sensible Accountings(Clues:Heroin)

Analyze Heroin(3:00:00)(Attribute:The killer drinks Diet Cola)(New Scenes:Bathroom,Table and Tool Stand)

Investigate Table(Clues:Box)

Examine Box(Clues:Pills)

Analyze Pills(00:30:00)

Investigate Tool Stand(Clues Tool Box)

Examine Tool Box(Clues:Drugs)

Analyze Drugs(6:00:00)

Investigate Bathroom(Clues:Torn Photo)

Examine Torn Photo(Clues:Photo)(New Suspect:Laura Thibeadeuo)

Talk to Laura about her friendship with Miley

Go to Chapter 3(2 Stars)

Chapter 3(Waiting Area's Camera)Edit

Investigate Waiting Area(Clues:Broken CCTV Camera)

Examine Broken CCTV Camera(Clues:CCTV:Camera)

Analyze CCTV Camera(6:00:00)(Attribute:The killer wears Jewelllery)

Arrest Killer

Go to Additional Investigation(2 Stars)

Additional InvestigationEdit

Check up on Mary

Investigate Railway Station(Clues:Cat)

Give the cat back to Mary

Investigate Railway Station(Clues:Collar)

Give the collar back to Mary(Reward:Burger)

Rick is in danger

Investigate Tools Stand(Clues:Bomb)

Examine Bomb(Clues:Error Bomb)

Analyze Error Bomb(6:00:00)

Say to Rick it was a shockbomb(Reward:50XP)

Bertha needs your help

Investigate Bathroom(Clues:Laundry Basket)

Examine Laundry Basket(Clues:Torn Photo)

Examine Torn Phto(Clues:Photo)

Return the photo back to Bertha(Reward:Black Suit)

Investigate Next Case(2 Stars)