This is the  thirds case in the game in Nashville

Case BackgroundEdit

The victim was a girl named Wendy Colleti wo was being found hanging up the noose.The killer was the victim's old friend named  Amelia Lintott.


Wendy was being killed by Amelia bescause she was with her lover Jake Jester.She wanted to be closer to Jake so she killed Wendy hanging her the noose.Amelia was being sentenced to 20 years in prison.


Wendy Colleti{Found hanging on the noose of her bedroom

Murder WeaponEdit



Ameila Lintott


The killer is Right handed

The killer eats eggs

The killer wears Green Clothes

The is a smoker

The killer is 5.6 feet tall

Crime ScenesEdit



Colleti's Meat


James' pharmacy

Medicine Closet


Raoul Colleti-Victim's father{Profile:Eats eggs,right handed}

Trish Colleti-Vicim's sister{Profile:Eats Eggs,left handed,smokes,5.6 feet tall}

Jake Jester-Wendy's boyfriend{Right Handed,Eats eggs,smokes,6.1 feet tall,Wears green clothes]

Amelia Lintott-Vcitim's old friend{Right handed,eats eggs,5.6 feet tall,Wears Green Clothes,smokes}

Ted James Candle-Shop Owner{Left handed,5.6 feet tall,}

Chapter 1(The Noosed Girl)Edit

Investigate Bedroom(Clues:Victim's body,Noose,letters)

Autopsy the Victim's Boy(18:00:00)(Murder Weapon Found:Noose,Attribute The killer is right handed and eats eggs)

Examine Torn Letters(Clues:Love Letters)(New suspect;Jake Jester)

Talk to Jake about Wendy

Talk to Raoul Colleti about Wendy

Investigate Colleti's Meats(Clues:Phone)

Examine phone(Clues:Phone)

Analyze phone:(3:00:00)

Talk to Trish about Wendy

Go to Chapter 2(2 Stars)

Chapter 2(Denial)Edit

Examine Torn Card(Clues:Card)

Talk to Ted about his Medicines

Investigate James' pharmacy(Clues:Poster)

Examine Poster(Clues:Green Fibres)

Analyze Green Fibers(3:00:00)(Attribute the killer wears green clothes)

Investigate Bed(Clues:Cigarette,Torn Photo)

Analyze Cigarette(00:30:00)(Attribute:The killer smokes)

Talk to Amelia Lintott about her old friendship

Talk to Nark Ashaln

Investigate Pigs(Clues:Pills Jar)

Examine Pills Jar(Clues:Serial Number)

Analyze Serial Number(00:30:00)

Go to Chapter 3(2 Stars)

Chapter 3(The Camera)Edit

Investigate Candle Closet(Clues:Broken CCTV Camera)

Examine Broken CCTV Camera(Clues Camera)

Analyze Camera(6:00:00)(Attribute the killer is 5.6 feet tall)

Arrest Killer

Go to Additional Investigation(2 Stars)

Additional InvestigationEdit

Check up on Raoul

Investgate Colleti's Meat(Clues:Bag)

Examine Bag(Clues Photo)

Give the photo back to Raoul(Reward:Burger)

Check up on Trish

Investigate Bedroom(Clues:Ticket)

Analyze Ticket(Clues:Prison Ticket)

Give the ticket back to Trish(Reward 50xp)

Ted needs your hlelp

Investigate James' pharmacy Shop(Clues:Golden Chandelier)

Examine Broken Chandelier(Clues: Chandelier)

Give the Chandelier back to Ted(Reward:Golden Shirt)

Investigate Next Case(1 Star)